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All You Wanted to Know About Monitor Cables

Moved into the High Definition from the analog and digital video signal age, buyers must know what monitor cable is best suited for them. The computer system generally supports and features all of them but it's up to the buyer to decide and define the computer cable for the high definition video display.

SVGA Cables

Understanding the Difference between VGA and SVGA Cables

For connecting display to the signal source, you need to have a cable. In case you need analog signals, you can use VGA cables that are built exactly according to SVGA monitor cable standards. As the SVGA standard did not modify the electrical standards of VGA, SVGA cable is not very different to VGA cable. In fact, they are pretty much the same and VGA monitor cable can also replace SVGA. Through this blog, we will acquaint you with the similarities and differences between these two cables.

Computer Cables

Types of Computer Cables You Must Know About

As there are plenty of computer cables available in the market today and a lot is written about them, it is difficult to find a common resource which brings forth the common differences between them. Here’s a small guide to all the computer cables and their features.

SVGA Cables

SVGA Cables: History and Benefits

HD15 (VGA) monitor cables are used to connect from PC/Laptops to monitors, projectors and televisions. We have a wide range of SVGA monitor Cables at SF Cable. You can choose from monitor cables connecting HD15 Male to HD15 Male connections. The connections can be Shielded Plenum VGA, Ultra Thin VGA, or VGA. The cables are available in various lengths to cater to individual needs. We transact in products manufactured by ISO 9001-2000 registered manufacturers and offer quality products at very competitive prices. All our products are RoHS compliant and completely safe to use. We also provide good after sales service and lifetime technical support on all SVGA monitor cables ordered from SF Cable.

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Factors to Consider Before Buying SVGA Monitor Cables

Buying SVGA cables might sound simple to you. And with everything available online these days, purchasing monitor cables is just a matter of a click. However, even after buying SVGA monitor cables, people experience poor image quality. This is because they have failed to consider certain important aspects. There are three major factors you need… Continue reading Factors to Consider Before Buying SVGA Monitor Cables