Pros and Cons of DB9 D-Subminiature Connectors

Know more about DB9 cables and connectors and their advantages and disadvantages. DB9 cables help transfer data over longer lengths as compared to USB cables.


Understanding the Difference between VGA and SVGA Cables

For connecting display to the signal source, you need to have a cable. In case you need analog signals, you can use VGA cables that are built exactly according to SVGA monitor cable standards. As the SVGA standard did not modify the electrical standards of VGA, SVGA cable is not very different to VGA cable. In fact, they are pretty much the same and VGA monitor cable can also replace SVGA. Through this blog, we will acquaint you with the similarities and differences between these two cables.

Things to Consider Before Purchasing Fiber Optic Jumpers

Fiber Optic Jumpers, also known as Fiber Patch Cords are the cables that connect network hardware or end devices to your cabling system. These cables terminate with MTRJ, LC, SC, or ST connectors at each end. The jumpers come in simplex and duplex types and can be selected depending on your network requirements. Here are some insights on Fiber Optic Jumpers and considerations you should make before buying them.

Installing Ethernet Cables? Keep These Things in Mind!

In today’s world of Internet of Things and Industrial Automation, the utility of Ethernet Cables has become inevitable. According to the concept of Internet of Things, even the everyday objects have network connectivity, which enables them to send and receive data. But in order to make the data exchange smooth, it is important to install Ethernet Cables properly.

HDMI Cables: Debunking Common Myths!

If you are an avid buyer of electronic products, you must know about HDMI cables. HDMI is an abbreviated form of High Definition Multimedia Interface. It is a single cable that helps to transmit high definition video and audio. There are several myths and misconceptions surrounding these cables. Here’s an insight to these myths along with the explanations and clarifications to each one of them.