3 Types of Keystone Jacks You Must Know About!

If you have observed the electrical world around you, you must have seen cute little rectangular faces - around 14.5 mm wide and 16.0mm high. These are known as Keystone Jacks. Whenever you want to fix low voltage optical connectors and electrical jacks into a patch panel, faceplate, surface mount box or a wall plate; … Continue reading 3 Types of Keystone Jacks You Must Know About!


Know About The Little Essentials Needed for Creating a Vast Network

A Keystone Jack is the magic port which aids lets you connect your portable devices and lets you create a network. Every connecting device has a female unit installed on them. The Networking cables have the male chords attached on their ends which are called “keystone plugs”. They mate and the portable devices are connect where we want it to get connect.